After obtaining a dual master’s degree in mechanical engineering and management/ entrepreneurship and a master in Aerodynamics, I worked as a visiting scholar at UC Santa Barbara and UC San Diego. Then I worked as a Solar Project Manager in Paris, France and in San Francisco, California, for a total of 7 years of experience in the Renewable Energy industry.

Over the years, I developed a strong interest in the Internet of Energy, including: Smart Grids, Distributed Generation, Energy Storage, Demand Response, Data Science, Machine Learning and Blockchain technology.

Therefore I decided to focus my career completely on Data Engineering and Data Analytics (4+ years of experience as of today). In addition to my interest in energy (10 years of experience),  I remain interested in various industries (transportation, robotics, blockchain &dapps/smart contracts…).

My last experience was Data Engineer with Deepki, where my main activities was: data integration, data pipeline, data collection, data cleaning and data visualization. The stack included mainly: Python/Pandas/Flask, VueJS, MongoDB,  InfluxDB, Docker, Jenkins…