Data Engineering and Machine Learning


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Hello and thank you for your visit.

I have a dual master’s degree in mechanical engineering and management/ entrepreneurship. I worked as a visiting scholar at UC Santa Barbara and UC San Diego, then I was a Solar Project Manager with EDF Renewable Energy in Paris, France, and more recently with Pristine Sun in San Francisco, California, for a total of 7 years of experience in the Renewable Energy industry.

Over the years, I developed a strong interest in the “Internet of Energy”, including: Smart Grids, Energy Storage, Demand Response, Data Analysis and Machine Learning.

After completing relevant online courses and projects (see below), I decided to focus my career on Descriptive and Predictive Data Analytics. Depending on the offer, I could consider a different industry than the energy sector.


  • Projects:
    • Challenges: 3rd prize at Engie DataPower Hackathon (July 2016), Kaggle and projects
    • Web development: design and coding of a website featuring a personalized recommendation engine for cooking recipes (, programmed in Python/Flask/Numpy/Scikit-Learn/NLTK
    • Creating a smart power meter, detecting devices, and analyzing usage patterns (Project)
  • Online courses:
    • Machine Learning (Stanford University – Coursera)
    • Exploratory Data Analysis with R (Udacity)
    • Foundations of Marketing Analytics (ESSEC Business School – Coursera)
    • Foundations of Strategic Business Analytics (ESSEC Business School – Coursera)
    • Digital Analytics Fundamentals (Google Analytics)
    • SQL (Stanford Online)
    • A/B Testing (Udacity)
    • Statistical Inference (Johns Hopkins University – Coursera)
    • Statistical Inference (Udacity)
    • Descriptive Statistics (Udacity)


  • Project (4-month internship)
    • Predicting the demand of a bike sharing system
  • Online course
    • Introduction to Data Science (University of Washington – Coursera)


  • Python (Codecademy)

Feel free to contact me (via LinkedIn)  with any questions.

Best regards,

Nicolas Guillaume

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